I sit in tears as I reflect on the events that have taken place over the last year. I thank GOD for blessing me with the gift and talent to speak and impact lives and I thank GOD even more for the loss of my job and financial security because if not for that LOSS I wouldn’t have been close enough to GOD to recognize this amazing gift which is positioning me to GAIN so much more. A year ago, I had NO idea that GOD would use me as a vessel to speak before audiences, and today, I have NO idea where I will be a year from now. I do however know that I am BLESSED and I feel CONFIDENT that I will be where I’m suppose to be! I am blessed to have so many people in my corner motivating me, and believing in me when I doubt myself, and I am confident that GOD will keep those people in my corner until my destiny is fulfilled. I sit here in tears humble and thankful…


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