Haiku – Black Gold

Haiku – Black Gold

I am a conflict
free diamond wrapped in black gold.
My worth is priceless.


2 comments on “Haiku – Black Gold

  1. This video was fantastic! I loved it. Our organization is having the Benjamin Banneker Music & Poetry Festival on Sat., Oct. 13 along the L’Enfant Plaza/Banneker Overlook Park site, with the stage set up in front of Banneker Overlook Park, and would love to have your ensemble as a featured guest. We had originally scheduled for Aug, 27, but had to cancel for rain. Please contact me at 202.387.3380 to let me know if you will join us. We just received our permit for this new date yesterday. Aaron Myers will be a part of this line up. We also would love to get Lauren Hill to come aboard as our headliner. If anyone has her contact info, please me know. Peggy Seats

    P.S. – Our website if http://www.bannekermemorial.org where you can see our previous line-up. Most of the listed performers have reconfirmed for Sat. Oct. 13. The link in our our home page. You can also learn about our mission to upgrade the festival site to a world class Living Memorial to Benjamiin Banneker, replete with the Benjamin Banneker Institiute of Math & Science Technology and this festival will bring attention to our plight as every one wants to usurp this valuable site from us now. Looking forward to heariing back from you.

  2. Of course, we would LOVE to have Esparanza Spaulding as a headliner too. We would have to pay both with in-kind donor letters to IRS as most everyone is performing for only small honorariums in support of the Banneker Memorial, but……………….
    We need everyone’s help to salvage the 16 Year Banneker Memorial; and this would also be our 16 Year Anniversary Celebration.

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