DC Black Theater Festival: Justice for Trayvon Martin

As the trial for the Trayvon Martin case gets underway this week, the country is once again focused on a tragedy that implicates race, guns, life, and death. This case has been described as having the potential to be the most divisive and polarizing in decades, perhaps since the OJ Simpson trial.
I, however, hope it is a time for understanding, healing, and justice. As I first described in I Am Trayvon Martin, a poem I wrote over a year ago in the immediate aftermath of Trayvon’s death, I hope we can move beyond stereotypes, move beyond ignorance, and we can work towards this by allowing Trayvon to be used as a vessel to combat racial profiling. To encourage us, my performance of I Am Trayvon Martin at the Washington, DC rally in his honor can be found here.
This Thursday, I will also be performing I Am Trayvon Martin during theWashington, DC Black Theater Festival. This poem will be showcased as part of the Festival’s In Sight and Sound Live De(a)f Poetry production. Tickets for this show can be found here.
Also, tonight, we will be doing a preview of the Washington, DC Black Theater Festival show at the Busboys and Poets at 5th and K Street, NW. I will be performing I Am Trayvon Martin there.
If you have ideas as to how we can advance justice for Trayvon Martin, please let me know. Pursuing this justice must be an inclusive and collective effort. I look forward to hearing from you.
Thanks again for your support!

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