Day of Action

During today’s “Day of Action” events,  I’ll be performing my “I Am Trayvon Martin” piece,  2pm, at The Harlem YMCA during their youth talent showcase.  I’ll also be featuring at Revolution Books, performing my “I Am Michael Brown” and “Reparation” pieces. Showtime at Revolution Books is 7pm. See flyer below.unnamed


In August, when Michael Brown was killed, I received e-mails and phone calls from folks wondering if I’d write a poetry piece about Michael Brown as I did for Trayvon Martin. I had gotten so emotionally involved in the Trayvon Martin case and had given it a lot of energy, so when George Zimmerman was acquitted, I grew numb and hopeless. I lost all faith in our justice system.

After the death of Michael Brown, I had no desire to write about another unarmed black boy being senselessly killed as I felt like my words wouldn’t matter. There was an uproar around the murder of Trayvon Martin but George Zimmerman was acquitted. So I questioned if my words and poetic activism were in vain.

The non-indictment of Officer Darren Wilson caused my numbness to dissipate and I began experiencing a myriad of other emotions. Some of those emotions are depicted in this video.

This may be labeled my most controversial piece, but my spirit moved me to write it, so I did.



Poetic Activist, Kavon Ward Wins 1st Place at Legendary Apollo Theater

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Poetic Activist, Kavon Ward Wins 1st Place at Legendary Apollo Theater’s Amateur Night

Next Round of Competition, September 3rd

Harlem, New York – On August 13th, Poetic Activist, Kavon Ward received 1st place at the historic Apollo Theater’s Amateur Night after competing against a large number of very talented performers. She recited her poem, “I Am Trayvon Martin” for the enthusiastic crowd, which is a piece about racial profiling and the senseless death of the unarmed teen.

Kavon Ward is the President of United Speech Nation. A writer and performer of poetry since she was a teen, Kavon uses her talent to motivate various audiences, particularly children in underserved communities who she encourages to use education as a means of transforming obstacles into opportunities.

Kavon recently moved back to New York City after spending several years in Washington, D.C. and has been quite busy since returning. She just acted in a play, “I Don’t Know Why He Loves Me” in Burlington, NC last week as well as performing at the Progressive Labor Party’s May Day “Fight Racism Exhibit” not long ago. Some other recent events include a Fatherhood panel with former NBA player, author and poet, Etan Thomas, along with MergeDC, and a production of Miracle on 34th Street during the holiday season. Kavon has also graced the stage of the historic Lincoln Theater as she won a competition to open for actor and conscious rapper, Common.

About her Apollo victory, Kavon said, “I am so humbled to have had the opportunity to perform on this stage; winning first place was icing on the cake! The other performers were so talented and inspiring and I’m so excited to meet the next group of people I’ll be competing against.  This is a very positive and healthy competitive environment and I am so glad to be able to express my thoughts about the many social injustices in our society to such a wide and engaged audience.”

Kavon would love for you to come out and support her as she competes against a host of other talented artists on September 3rd for a grand prize of $10,000! For more information, and to purchase tickets, visit:­night­events/details/265­AN%20Show%20Off


Apollo Victory!!!!

WE DID  IT GUYS!!!  I won 1st place so will be back on September 3rd for Round 2!  Hope to see you there!


Thanks for your continued support!


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